Accountable data-driven marketing services for growing businesses


As a business leader, we know you don’t think about marketing services or channels – you want to grow your business. You don’t want more marketing. You want results from your marketing, and you have an unlimited appetite for effective tools.


At Valve+Meter, we think success for your business is not built on a specific marketing channel or tactic. You’re not going to grow your business simply with a new website or because you do the right things with your search engine optimization (SEO) or content. Success comes from an overarching strategy, supported by tests of individual components.


We manage two core variables with you: the flow of new business and the cost of each increment of new business. The “Valve” manages the appropriate rate of new business for your operations capacity. We set our pricing on the “Metered” results we generate, not the activities we pursue.


Our suite of marketing services is based upon the concept of tests. Each test–across all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints–is designed to capture buyer intent across the customer journey. Through fully integrated, personalized campaigns and experiences, we turn this intent into conversions (and then into revenue).

  • Strategic Planning

    We seek first to understand, then we build marketing strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Use keywords, content and links to place your company higher in search.

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  • Content Marketing

    Strategy, creation, promotion and measurement of content to drive results.

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  • Email Marketing

    Turn prospects into customers using marketing automation and nurturing.

  • Website Design

    Turn art into design with website strategy and development.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Online visitor experiences strategically turned into lifelong customers.

  • Paid Search Advertising

    Show up online with researched, optimized and executed PPC campaigns.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Reach social media users through implementation of strategy and planning.

  • Public Relations

    Become the go-to source for all industry questions by earning trust.

  • Brand Identity

    Create messages, identity and standards that resonate with your audience.

  • Direct Mail Marketing

    Deliver creative direct mail campaigns through targeted, tested efforts.

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  • Display Advertising

    Enhance your brand with creative ads placed to convert targeted prospects.

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  • B2B Appointment Setting

    Use outbound to discover new prospects using our call center.

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  • Video Storytelling

    Use video to tell your business story across all platforms.

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  • Traditional Advertising

    Strategic TV, radio and print ads are designed to to provide value and growth.

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  • Gap Analysis

    We find many organizations have a blind spot around marketing and performance. The first step in our process is to take a look at where you are, where your competitors are and where you could be. By analyzing the right data, we begin each engagement with a shared set of facts.


    Too often companies think they don’t have the time or means for more than anecdotal market research. It is not so. We can bring real-life statistics and facts to help you make better, more informed decisions for your business.


    Our trademarked discovery process precedes any marketing campaigns or engagement. The intent is to devise a cohesive strategic marketing framework, accelerating the desired results. 

    Execution Plan

    We believe execution plans are a collection of tests, building upon one another. We test and scale. We allocate and sometimes reallocate funds to optimize results, not to tick off a list of perceived needs. Execution involves continuing to question, pivoting if necessary and sometimes, delivering hard truths until we achieve our collective goals.

  • Search Engine Optimization

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    Keyword Research

    Without keywords, there is no SEO. Ranking for the right terms can determine the success of your website. We research keyword demand so we know which terms and phrases to target.  


    Gone are the days when SEO involved “tricking” Google. The simple fact is that SEO involves creating great content. We combine keyword and user intent research with creative, ear to the ground writing.

    Technical SEO

    It’s possible to marry the needs of Google with actual humans. Does your content load quickly? Does it look good on mobile platforms? Is the page included on the site’s XML sitemap? Are the internal links relevant? We geek out on this stuff so you don’t have to.

    Link Building

    Link building is still considered one of the top tactics for search ranking and success. We increase the quality and quantity of inbound links as part of every SEO engagement.

  • Content Strategy

    You might think you know what your customers need to hear, but what do they actually want to know? Use the informational needs of your audience to guide your content strategy.

    Content Creation

    Content affects most facets of marketing. We determine what format is best suited to meet the needs of your customers and achieve results. And then we create that content.

    Content Promotion

    Content is useless if no one sees it. Research and continuous testing informs the right mix of organic and paid promotional channels for your needs.


    Ultimately, higher SERP position leads to more visits, which leads to more revenue. Tools for analyzing readers’ interactions with content are always emerging. We’re constantly evaluating new methods and technologies to earn the best ROI for your situation.

  • Email Collection

    Email marketing doesn’t work without opted-in names. We offer technical and creative opportunities for capturing visitor’s contact information to run successful campaigns.

    Lead Nurturing

    Simply, lead nurturing is staying connected to groups of collected leads who aren’t ready to buy yet. Patience is rewarded by building trust to buy from you when they are ready.

    Email Newsletters

    Companies have a wide variety of content marketing tactics at their disposal; few are as powerful or versatile as email newsletters. Communicate with internal and external audiences to support and strengthen your marketing goals.

    Email Campaign Reporting

    Reporting is all about the data; data to inform actions and decisions. Segmenting campaigns, monitoring the performance of click-through rates and unsubscribe spikes are all pieces of the puzzle.

  • Website Strategy

    Websites are no longer pretty billboards. They have jobs to do: inform, entertain, persuade and most importantly, convert an interested party into a real prospect.


    You’ve experienced solid urban planning and poor urban planning. Make your website an effective and enjoyable walk through your content. User interface and user experience are distinctly different disciplines, but both form the foundation of your website.


    Known today as “content development,” good copywriting isn’t just snappy taglines. Developing copy is a collaborative effort using every tool at one’s disposal to craft a message or story to move readers. What is the brand’s voice? How does the audience need to hear it? Our word nerds live for these challenges.

    Web Development

    We’re experts in creating great websites for our clients. We don’t believe in templated websites, and instead, focus on creating robust sites to drive conversions.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

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    CRO Strategy

    CRO, in its purest form, is discovering what users are looking for upon arrival at your site and giving it to them. By optimizing every facet of your site: home page, landing pages, blog, etc., we ferret out those opportunities. 


    We love tests. Every experiment begins with a hypothesis — what are the goals and what do we expect will happen? It’s really as basic as the scientific method you learned in school.


    Every area of design (as long as it fits in your brand framework) is open to a test. This means we’ll test colors, language, formatting, placement, offers, and much more.


    Eight seconds. It’s not just a bull-riding movie. It’s the average attention span of an adult. Impressions are made quickly. CRO research incorporates tech and analysis, bringing as much information to educate your strategy as possible.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Do not get involved in social media because you think you must. Do it because it makes sense for your audience and the goals of your business. We’ll help you sort through the various channels and prioritize based on your customers.

    Social Monitoring

    Social “listening” means monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product and anything or anyone else relevant to your business. Don’t become a communications tale of woe by ignoring your social presence. Be proactive and if you find you must react, do so intelligently with backup.

    Influencer Marketing

    It all goes back to research. Who do your customers look up to, who do they follow, what do they read? Leverage the right influencer and the results may astound you.

    Social Reporting

    If social media is part of your overall strategy, it’s imperative to know important KPIs and data to prove the results of the social media efforts.

  • Public Relations

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    Earned Media

    A mention in print, radio or television used to be the definition of earned media. Now, it’s those things plus internet “word of mouth.” Imagine all the third-parties here – it’s online editions of established media outlets, viral mentions, retweets, shares, reposts, reviews and recommendations.

    Reputation Management

    We don’t subscribe to P.T. Barnum’s attitude of “no such thing as bad publicity.” Your reputation directly feeds your brand and when your reputation suffers, the whole corporation suffers. We prefer basic tenets such as: be prepared, have a plan, think it can happen to you, be proactive, control the narrative, leave no communication vacuums and always take the high road.

    Media Relations

    Blindly sending press releases out into the world no longer works. We thoughtfully pitch angles we believe useful with the right media for your niche. We provide them with resources and subject matter experts. Serving the media’s needs serves yours.

    Crisis Communications

    Public relations may seem expendable until you are facing a crisis and need a steady partner to walk through the fire with you. It’s ok. Take our hand.

  • Brand Strategy

    A well-defined and executed brand strategy touches all facets of a business and accounts for customers’ needs, emotions and alternatives.

    Visual Identity

    How do consumers perceive your brand visually? Every logo, typeface, design element and photo is an opportunity to show the world who you are, among other things. Our designers are great listeners, who seek to express your story through the thoughtful crafting of design, layout and color.

    Brand Standards

    Want cohesion and a solid presentation of your brand? You need brand standards such as guidelines for color, font, logo specs and email signatures. Without it, your brand is diluted and ineffective. Generally, absence of brand standards is a short distance to chaos.


    Support your sales team, community engagement and recruiting with tangible extensions of your brand or service. Brochures, business cards, decals, calendars…they are all points of contact you can use to reinforce your brand.

  • Direct Mail Marketing

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    Direct Mail Strategy

    Old rules of casting a wide net are dead. Your direct mail must be targeted. No question. If you do it right, it’s still one of the most effective means to generate future, loyal customers or prompt an existing customer to pick up the phone.


    Mailing lists have amazing variables, allowing us to customize a target group with frightening specificity. Beyond a carefully cultivated list, we continue to advocate for continuous testing to find the best message and offers for your needs.

    Dimensional Mail

    If you want interest, a longer shelf life and a greater response rate, consider dimensional direct mail. This tactic can be especially meaningful if handled correctly. Task us with getting it right to make the most of your investment.


    You don’t have to be Don Draper to get this. It’s classic packaging of a message to boost a brand or convert a prospect into a customer through design and language delivered to a customer’s mailbox. Want to get wacky with DM creative? We can do that too. As long as it’s effective. 

  • Social Advertising

    One out of every three pageviews on the Internet is on a social network. Social ads are generally used to create awareness or reinforce a brand. They are not targeted in the same way as other digital methods but can be a valuable part of an overall strategy.


    Once a consumer has engaged with your content or ad, increase the personalization by employing retargeting. We’re happy to weigh the pros and cons with you.

    Native Advertising

    Similar to influencer marketing or earned media, native advertising piggybacks on existing platforms to borrow a bit of their engagement and trust equity. Suggested Facebook posts, promoted tweets on Twitter and recommended editorial-based content from discovery platforms all fit the bill. Just like paid media advertising of any sort, let us help you determine if this tactic and its risks are appropriate for your goals.

    Geo Fencing Ads

    If you’re unfamiliar, this tactic takes advantage of GPS or RFID to define geographical boundaries and when a consumer enters the prescribed area, it triggers an engagement feature such as a push notification, a coupon or a new sale. Highly specific, and potentially wildly influential. We’ll help you determine if geo fencing fits with your brand, goals, strategy and budget.

  • B2B Appointment Setting

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    Outbound Strategy

    Strategy begins with the ThinkFIRST process. We dive into your business, ask tough questions, and build a strategy to reach the decision makers. We create background materials and scripts to train our team on your company and industry. It’s all the stuff you wish you had time to focus on but don’t.

    Discover New Prospects

    There’s no shortage of tech tools to source the correct data: industry codes, technographics, titles and a myriad of other criteria. The magic is in the people applying intuition honed through experience to these tools to test and modify lists to achieve your goals.

    Campaign Execution

    A solid strategy is the foundation of an effective campaign. Immersing in your company, including its challenges and wins, creates the springboard. Testing uncovers an uncanny amount of information we can use to adapt our profiles, scripts and tactics to drive the most qualified leads to your sales team so they can focus on closing.

    Account-Based Marketing

    ABM, also known as key account marketing, is in conversations everywhere. Want to go for the bigger fish? Use account based marketing to increase your competitive edge. Our outbound team is your tip of the spear.

  • Video Marketing Strategy

    Screens are everywhere leading effective video marketing strategies to provide one of the highest ROIs for any company’s marketing plan. Effort into research and planning can hit the mark while containing production budgets. Whether your goal is to educate, entertain or inspire your viewers, we’re ready to go Hollywood for you.

    Video Production

    You get what you pay for. Unless your strategy is to whip out your iPhone and film Blair Witch 2018, you need thoughtful production. Scouting, script development, media training spokespeople, coaching, direction and editing can mean the difference between a middle school A.V. project and a professional, shareable tool in your arsenal.


    Some of the most memorable and effective videos are animated. Summon this medium, especially if you need to break through a crowded marketplace or your industry subject matter feels too technical, stale or inaccessible.

    Explainer Videos

    Usually, the simplest explanation is best. Help prospects clearly understand how your product or service solves a problem. Employ animation, comedy, music to entertain while informing and you’ll have video content people enjoy most.

  • Traditional Advertising

    Traditional Advertising Services ›

    TV Advertising

    As TV viewership becomes more digital, you have an opportunity to take advantage of some of the digital marketing tools previously exclusive to web and social advertising. Let’s plan how you can make the best use of the traditional format with the opportunities presented with streaming services.

    Print Advertising

    Even with this deluge of digital media, print still owns some marketing real estate and can accomplish what digital may not. Thoughtful content paired with creative design makes a strong statement regardless of its venue.

    Out of Home Advertising

    Also known as outdoor advertising, OOH encompasses categories such as billboards, roads, and transit, such as airports or vehicle wraps. Digital has entered this space too, whether it’s at the gas pump or at your family restaurant table kiosk. Let’s go!

    Radio Advertising

    Want a low-cost effective medium to reach target consumers? Studies show radio ads (traditional or digital using new audio media like Pandora or podcasts) create emotional reactions in listeners. Let us write a compelling script to move your prospects into customers.