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Public relations has evolved beyond press releases to an entire discipline built around delivering your value proposition with the right voice and to the right audience. Public relations has expanded to awareness campaigns, crisis communications, proactive solicitation of earned media placements and much more.


Marketing and public relations content should be synergistic.  For example, online content created from press releases is a foundational and effective way to increase SEO through original content creation and backlink opportunities. This methodology can increase the overall position of your company’s online presence in search engine results pages (SERPS).

What does PR typically include? It can include media relations, community relations, crisis communications, speaking engagements, events and the development of all needed assets to develop the brand of your company in your community, state and even the entire country.


To execute a successful annual public relations campaign, you should utilize a proactive approach to develop and use original content. Knowing your audience and key messaging is critical to an effective public relations campaign. 


The key to success in public relations (PR) is to reach, educate and create awareness with top placement of content, using proper search engine optimization (SEO), along with effective marketing and execution.


You need a combination of both marketing and public relations approaches. Public relations not only helps brand your business but your employees. Having a solid, well rounded public relations plan will help to highlight your business, brand and team.


Develop a Vision

How do you want your community to view you?  What is your vision for how the world perceives your business? What would it mean to create a tool for your sales team to attract new business, a talent recruiting opportunity and awareness in your community, all in the same effort?  PR, when done correctly, can be a powerful addition to your marketing toolkit.

PR public relations vision

Build Your PR Strategy

What can a strategic public relations effort do for your company? This is where Valve+Meter’s PR experts step in to create a dynamic strategy relevant to your needs and company mission.


So, how do we do it? Our public relations and marketing team will work on the development of your strategic PR and market messaging. We craft these messages related to key business issues and create a distribution plan to reach your current and potential customer base. Using powerful technology tools, we can ensure your message gets delivered to media, industry publications, key constituencies, opinion leaders, decision-makers, and top influencers.

public relations strategy

Public Relations Tactics

Media Relations

Cultivate relationships with local, regional and national media contacts to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for coverage and news story creation

Community Relations

One company’s connection with the people and companies who live and work within a certain community or area

Crisis Communications

A subset of public relations designed to safeguard and look after the well being of a company, organization or individual during times of trouble

Speaking Engagements

Formal opportunities to demonstrate your thought leadership about a key set of topics relative to your business, experience or leadership skills

Event Sponsorships

This is an opportunity to get in front of a target market or demographic sharing your brand, mission and increasing your overall reach

Media Kits

Traditionally used by journalists or media outlets, media kits are now opportunities to highlight your company

Launch Your Campaign

Whether it is through press releases, community relations events, preparing media kits or any other channel of public relations, each campaign has a specific direction, goals in place and tactics identified to help increase the overall reach.


Not every client will need the same combination of public relations tactics. Not to worry… we’ve had years of trying and testing to see what works best for which channel and client. Each campaign will have hand-picked tactics and channels to best share your story.

public relations launch

Test Your PR Tactics

Testing is a part of the Valve+Meter process. Public relations efforts can and should be tested, just like every other marketing tactic. Our past tests have taught us the best ways to pitch media at the local, regional and national levels. Additionally, we are always learning, vetting and implementing new tests with all channels in the public relations spectrum to produce the best possible results.

public relations campaign testing

New Opportunities

Our team will identify relevant opportunities where PR channels are appropriate in your overall marketing plans. These opportunities are often planned out 6-12 months in advance, but also can come up at a moment’s notice. Our team of professionals are continually monitoring the news from a local, regional and national level looking for opportunities to pitch our clients as a local source of trusted information for relevant stories breaking in the news.

new PR opportunities