What is an Example of Household Services?

Written by Kelli Malcolm / April 10, 2019 / 10 Minute Read
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Household services encompass a broad array of professional services designed to support individuals in managing their homes. These services, ranging from cleaning to personal care, play a pivotal role in today’s fast-paced world, offering time-saving solutions, stress reduction, and specialized expertise to improve the overall quality of life for homeowners.

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Household Services: An Overview

A comprehensive understanding of the businesses that occupy the household services provides insight into the broader home services industry. In this section, Valve+Meter provides an introduction to household services, discusses their importance for homeowners, and lists examples of various types of home service businesses. For business owners and entrepreneurs alike, this overview helps to market your household services effectively.

Introduction To Household Services

One way to think about household services is as an array of professional services designed to support families and individuals in maintaining and managing their homes and property. These services play an essential role in today’s busy world, helping people save time, reduce stress, and improve their overall quality of life. In some cases, household services fit families with young children and professional working parents. In other examples, individuals benefit by paying for services for which they do not have time or expertise. For many older homeowners who wish to stay independent, paying for a professional expert to assist with household chores and daily activities is vital to remain living independently in their own homes.

The Importance Of Household Services

As clearly examined above, different households have reasons to pay for help around their home. Generally, household services serve at least one of four primary pain points for homeowners: 

  1. Time-saving: Particularly for young families, working families, and single homeowners, time is one of the most precious commodities. With the assistance of professional service providers, homeowners can save time on everyday chores. The value of household services is often not the expertise offered but the convenience of the service. Paying for household services affords homeowners the time to work, engage with family or spend time with other personal priorities. 
  2. Stress reduction: Owning a home comes with many chores and tasks that create stress, annoyance, or tension. Household services can provide an effective stress reduction for families. For instance, lawn care, house cleaning, laundry services, and other everyday chores can lead to tension and disagreements within families. Hiring a person or business to handle these chores improves mental well-being.
  3. Convenience: Outsourcing household tasks offers convenience and flexibility, allowing individuals to arrange services according to their specific needs and preferences. Building a relationship with a household service provider can improve lifestyle enjoyment and last for years. In terms of personalized services like cleaning, cooking and home repairs, professionals within the household services often build long term relationships with homeowners and their referral network of friends and family..
  4. Expertise: Household service providers may possess specialized skills, tools, and expertise that ensure tasks are completed efficiently and to a high standard. Tasks like lawn mowing, dusting, furniture assembly, maintenance of household appliances and small construction projects consume time, create stress and are inconvenient. While many of household tasks seem simple, paying a professional service provider makes sure the process is done without damage and errors notorious with DIY projects.

Household Services List: Types And Examples

These examples of household service businesses will seem quite familiar. In fact, nearly every homeowner uses some type of household service. Other examples are emerging as homeowners prioritize lifestyle enrichment above many household chores and new technology gives homeowners access to outsourcing frustrating household projects. 

  • Cleaning Services: This typically refers to conventional dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and other housekeeping chores. However, this can also refer to deep cleaning, window washing, carpet cleaning, exterior house cleaning, and even specific services like junk hauling or garage cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures that your home remains clean and hygienic, giving you more time to focus on other activities. A cleaning service is often beneficial for working professionals and older homeowners. Paying for a cleaning service is the most common example of household services.
  • Maintenance Services: This example of household service business includes some skilled labor and professional trades. Generally, professional installation and repair of plumbing, electrical work, HVAC systems and other major appliances is classified within a home services. In terms of maintaining and performing small repairs on these systems, many homeowners look to save money through handymen and other smaller businesses. By hiring professionals to handle these tasks, homeowners feel confident their home remains in excellent condition and prevents potential hazards. Most local companies that offer these services include employees with special training, certifications, and tools.
  • Personal Care Services: Many homeowners are limited in daily activities. Personal care services cater to the needs of the elderly, disabled, or individuals recovering from illness or surgery. These services can include companionship, assistance with daily activities, and medication management. In many cases cooking and meal preparation are specialized offerings. Some personal care services even assist with prescription pick up and assistance with retail pickups. This type of home service business has emerged as a growth opportunity so much that healthcare professionals and larger brands have expanded into this area of household services. 
  • Childcare Services: This may include simple babysitting, daycare, tutoring services, college prep, music training and even art classes provided to children in your home or offsite. Childcare services provide support to parents by offering care for their children when parents and guardians are unavailable or when a special education interest is required.
  • Pet Care Services: For many working professionals and busy families, pet care services are highly valuable and sought after. Catering to the needs of furry friends, a pet focused household service business includes dog walking, pet sitting, training, and grooming services.
  • Cooking and Meal Prep Services: These services provide assistance with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. While this often is thought of as a personal care service, many families and busy professionals are satisfied with just one service like cooking or personal shopping. This can be particularly helpful for individuals with dietary restrictions or those who simply lack the time or skill to prepare meals regularly. As in some other examples of household services, technology has revolutionized food delivery and meal preparation. Many entrepreneurs are riding this trend with even more personalized and locally focused services.  
  • Laundry and Ironing Services: An example of household services that has never gone out of fashion is laundry and ironing services. Parents, older homeowners, and busy professionals all fit the target audience for businesses and individual entrepreneurs who care for washing, drying, and ironing of clothes.
  • Lawn and gardening: From planting flowers and trimming hedges to mowing grass, landscapers and garden contractors save time and effort for homeowners. While every person enjoys a beautiful backyard, most prefer lounging in chairs and cooking on the grill to sweating in the hot summer sun.

The Benefits of Household Services

What are the benefits to you as a homeowner or family living in a community? You may already be paying for one or a number of these services based on how these daily tasks impact your lifestyle. When businesses or entrepreneurs consider the best household service business marketing, the key is to provide potential customers with the value and benefits of paying a professional home service provider. 

A few examples of appealing to the homeowner perspective include:


Household services save you time by handling tasks that you would otherwise need to do yourself. This allows you to focus on other priorities or simply enjoy more free time.

Physical And Mental Wellness

Many household chores and tasks are necessary for the function of your home but wear on your health. For many older homeowners, people with physical limitations, or families with many other tasks, paying for household services reduces strain and stress. This improves physical and mental wellness within your house.


Many seasonal or occasional needs of your house require equipment and tools. Hiring household service providers means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing or storing these supplies. Businesses come equipped with all the necessary tools, building supplies, and other equipment for you.

Quality And Expertise

Professional service providers have the expertise and experience to perform tasks to a high standard. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that your home and belongings are well-cared for, and that the services provided meet all the details you would expect.


Many household service providers offer each client flexible scheduling options, allowing you to arrange services at times that are convenient for you. This means you can tailor services to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Paying for a cleaning service or help in the garden allows you more time to allot to other priorities as well.

Tips for Hiring Household Service Providers

Another key to understanding the appeal of the best household services marketing strategies is understanding what homeowners will seek in hiring new providers. It is important to note that many of these services can be performed by homeowners so marketing must differentiate between one service and another similar service. 

For instance, a homeowner may choose between a lawn care service and a meal preparation business. These businesses do not seem like competitors but homeowners often hire household service providers to solve the problem of time, convenience, or flexibility. Both of these services solve this problem by appealing to different daily tasks. Therefore, every household service should consider the common tips offered to homeowners when considering household service providers. 

Once you decide you could use some help with maintenance, repairs, or general cleaning, you should make a plan so everything fits into your budget and daily life. After all, household services are meant to reduce stress and improve your everyday life.

Determine Your Needs

Before selecting a household service provider, it’s crucial to determine your specific needs. Consider what tasks you require assistance with, the frequency of services, and any special requirements you may have.

Research Providers

Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, research potential service providers in your area. Look for companies with a strong reputation, a history of positive reviews, and any necessary certifications or licenses to perform household tasks.

Check Reviews And Testimonials

Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get a better understanding of the quality of service provided. This further data can help you narrow down your options and select a provider that best suits your needs.

Evaluate Costs

Compare the costs of different service providers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice, as quality and reliability are also important factors to consider.

Ask For References

When considering a household service provider or person, don’t hesitate to ask for references. Contacting previous clients can provide valuable data and insight into the provider or person’s work ethic, reliability, and quality of service.

Trial Period

Consider a trial period for a new household service provider. This allows you to assess their performance and determine if they are the right person and fit for your needs before committing to a long-term arrangement.

Clear Communication

Maintain open communication with your service provider. Clearly outline your expectations and any specific instructions or preferences. This ensures that the provider is aware of your needs and can deliver services that meet your expectations.

Insurance And Bonding

Check if the household service provider involved has insurance and bonding. This protects you from potential liabilities in case of accidents, injuries, property damage, or theft.

Regular Assessments And Feedback

Periodically assess the performance of your household service provider and provide feedback. This allows the provider the ability to make adjustments to their services if necessary and ensures that you continue to receive high-quality support.

In conclusion, household services can make a significant impact on your quality of life by simplifying day-to-day tasks and freeing up valuable time. By carefully selecting the right provider, considering factors such as reputation, cost, and communication ability, you can enjoy the benefits and value of household services and maintain a comfortable, well-maintained home.

Why Pay for Household Services

Returning the perspective of a business owner or entrepreneur, homeowners choose to pay for household services. Many of these services are not necessary but easily solved by the right professionals. 

When homeowners decide to become a client, they enter a different phase of life. Likewise businesses who serve the residential sector must be diligent and forthright in their understanding of their clients. Household services cover a wide range of tasks that can help make life easier and more efficient. Whether homeowners are paying for house cleaning, maintenance, personal care, childcare, pet care, cooking, laundry services, or any other process, the reason to pay for household services is often justified by building strong relationships with household service providers. 

Growth Through Marketing

High quality customer service and genuine care for clients is vital for household services. While these examples offer insight into why paying for services is valuable, professional marketing offers guidance into the precise audiences and methods to grow in this industry. Marketing for home services can change the course of a small business and create transformation growth. At Valve+Meter Performance Marketing, our structure is designed to research, analyze, and inform business about the best strategies and tactics to grow.