• Marcia Barnes

    Marcia Barnes


  • Jen Ramo

    Jen Ramo

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Shannon Ruanto

    Shannon Ruanto

    Chief Administrative Officer

  • Chris Ruley

    Chris Ruley

    Vice President of Strategy


    We exist to change the way businesses approach marketing by delivering abundance and accountability with a customer cost per acquisition strategy.

  • Michael Williams

    Michael Williams

    Vice President of Outbound Marketing

  • Matthew Tyner

    Matthew Tyner

    Vice President of Marketing

  • John Goddard

    John Goddard

    Vice President of Sales

  • Joshua Cook

    Joshua Cook

    Director of Brand Strategy


    We inspire businesses to look at marketing as a revenue center rather than a cost center.


  • Thano Genos

    Thano Genos

    Director of Public Relations

  • Jill Ballinger

    Jill Ballinger


  • Ashley Heinemeyer

    Ashley Heinemeyer

    Events + Special Projects Manager

  • Ashton Searcy

    Ashton Searcy

    Business Strategist

  • Leslie Stockton

    Leslie Stockton

    Executive Assistant

  • Katie Frampton

    Katie Frampton

    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Brandon Ford

    Brandon Ford

    Operations Manager

  • Jennifer James

    Jennifer James

    Vice President of Sales

  • Ryan Melby

    Ryan Melby

    Director of Marketing Analytics

  • Curt Merlau

    Curt Merlau

    Vice President of Sales

  • Jake Barnes

    Jake Barnes

    Business Systems Manager

  • Carletha Buggs

    Carletha Buggs

    Business Development Coordinator

  • Bill Sering

    Bill Sering

    Marketing Performance Manager

  • Brad Yeager

    Brad Yeager

    Business Development Coordinator

  • Sophia Burns

    Sophia Burns

    Marketing Performance Manager