Daniel Herrera

Business Development Representative Role at Valve+Meter

I like to think I connect people that can serve each other’s needs with a win-win outcome. More than that, I use a mixed outreach strategy that is constantly evolving through personal and community involvement to help drive client and company success.

Daniel Herrera
Background and Experience

I am a recent college graduate from IUPUI having majored in Business Management and just played 4 years of soccer there. I have always known that I would be involved in business one day from a young age and really have no other industry that I would rather work in. I have also grown a passion in the clothing industry (particularly streetwear) in recent years which led me to grow my own brand Apologetic Letters. Just trying to always learn more and love new challenges.

What makes you unique to excel in your position?

I like to think as cliche as it is that I’m an extremely hard worker and give 100% to whatever it is that I do. Whether it’s been academically, on the soccer pitch, or within my own personal business life, I am always trying to push the envelope and do more. I think this role will allow me to push myself and work on networking skills while also continuing to do personal development. Having just started recently, I am still on a massive learning curve but believe I can adapt quickly and have a great group of people to help me achieve success.

Interests and hobbies outside of work

My current passions lie in soccer and my personal clothing business outside of work. I spend a great deal of time watching Premier League and other important matches while also continuing to work on design and reevaluating the processes to drive success for my clothing brand. I also enjoy spending a great deal of time hanging with my friends on the weekends and spending quality time with my family.

What is your dream travel destination and why?

My dream travel destination would probably have to be Japan. From what I’ve seen on the outside from a cultural perspective, the people seem incredibly kind and the architecture and scenery looks incredible. More specifically I would love to visit a major city like Tokyo, it just looks unreal from photos and I think I would really enjoy my time there.


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