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Jen RamoChief Operating Officer


    What do you do at Valve+Meter?

    My job is to ensure our team has all the tools they need to achieve client results while removing any obstacles, both for the clients and team we have today, as well as into the future.


    What is your background and experience?

    I fell in love with marketing at the age of 19.  I went to work for a direct marketing firm while pursuing two degrees (B.A. Marketing, B.A. English, with Honor) from Indiana University.  Since then, I have led marketing, business development, operations and strategic planning across various industries.  An entrepreneur at heart, I started my first business at 13 and have since created another 5 businesses. 


    What is it about you that makes you uniquely positioned to excel in your role?

    My dad was career Navy, and our dinner table conversations often revolved around the importance of great leadership, planning, resource allocation and logistics.  I’ve embraced those concepts learned as a child and have incorporated them into my approach as COO.  You might say I’ve been training for this job my entire life!


    What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of work?

    One of my most meaningful volunteer experiences was serving on the Board for Project Stepping Stone, a program targeting Latino high school sophomores and juniors, with the goal of encouraging them to pursue a college education.  Many of our students were undocumented, which creates obstacles to going to college.  Our week long intensive seminar was spent on a variety of college campuses, with students learning basic business and etiquette skills.  We also offered resources to assist them in navigating the complexities of paying for and enrolling in college.  Best of all, we had a 90%+ rate of our students attending college.


    In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, as well as my group of 13 best friends, who I’ve known since I was a teenager.  I also love hanging with my fur family — 2 dogs and a huge grey cat.  I’m a voracious reader, averaging over 200 books a year.  When at home, nothing makes me happier than reading a book in front of a fire.  


    Who is someone you admire and why?

    The person I most admire in the world is my mom.  She was born in India during a very tumultuous time, and then immigrated to England.  She met my dad in London, fell in love and began our family.  When she was pregnant with me, my dad took her to rural Missouri so she could be with his family while he fought in the Vietnam War.  Needless to say, this was an enormous culture shock for both my mom as well as my dad’s family.  She was a brown woman with a funny accent, raising two young kids by herself in a place she had never heard of.  Fortunately, my mom’s strength, kindness and loving spirit won over the hearts of everyone who met her.  While we were growing up, my dad was gone for 9 months at a time, and my mom had to work full-time while handling single parent duties for my brother and me.  She made this look effortless.

    When my dad passed away at 47, my mom lost the love of her life.  Rather than giving up and dwelling on this devastating loss, she got her GED, became a U.S. citizen and began her career as a travel agent.  Since then, she has become an entrepreneur and has successfully operated her own travel agency since 2005.  Throughout it all, she has shown the same courage, strength and loving spirit that makes her my hero.