Chris Ruley | Vice President of Strategy | Valve+Meter

Christopher RuleyPresident


    What do you do at Valve+Meter?

    I am the President of Valve+Meter. I am responsible for analyzing a client’s business to determine the best strategies to enable them to compete. This includes developing a CPA target and identifying programs that can meet this. I identify the tests that have the highest probability of performing to their financial targets. Secondly, I lead the marketing performance team which ensures the organization is aligned to delivering on these targets.


    What is your background and experience?

    I have spent 12+ years in growth oriented businesses. All have been centered on a test and invest philosophy, business strategy and proven results and evaluating business financial risks. In that time, I graduated with a degree in organizational leadership with an emphasis on cultural and business psychology. I have had the pleasure of working in small business, medium businesses and large global organizations across a variety of verticals.


    What is it about you that makes you uniquely positioned to excel in your role?

    My experience in evaluating performance and testing strategy provides tangible outcomes.


    What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of work?

    My hobbies are investments, home improvements, family and new experiences.


    If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would spend money on?

    If I won the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I would do: This is easy, give back. My view is that through winning the lottery I would receive far more than I would ever need. I look to provide a good life for my family, money doesn’t deliver that. It would ease financial burden, so I would feel obligated to impact as many families with it as I could. Giving to others, brings me tremendous joy.